dvd-edition: Dust Breeding & The Wave

Balthasar is happy to announce a new dvd edition of the films Elevage de poussière / Dust Breeding (2013) and The Wave (2012).

Two dvd's and two books in one:

Side 1: Elevage de poussière / Dust Breeding, a film by Sarah Vanagt.

The booklet includes additional photos and a discussion between Tobias Hering & Sarah Vanagt (text in English) .

Side 2: The Wave, a film by Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire.

The booklet includes a text written by Pieter Van Bogaert, based on an interview with Sarah Vanagt & Katrien Vermeire (text in Dutch & English), and of photos made by Katrien Vermeire during the film and photo shoot in Spain in October 2011.

Graphic design: Skart, Belgrade

Published by Balthasar, 2015

Please contact Balthasar in case you would like to order this dvd-edition: