Director's statement:

My father – who is now 80 years old – once told me that on his 18th birthday his father took him on a day trip to Brussels. They themselves lived at the Belgian coast. From Central Station, they walked towards the Petit Sablon, the 19th-century park lined with a series of copper-green sculptures, each depicting one of the various 16th-century Brussels trades and crafts: the tanner, the glazier, the brine fishmonger, the cobbler, and so on. Once they were there, my grandfather is said to have told my father: “Right, now pick your profession”.

This ‘tour’ that my 18-year-old father took gave me the idea of making a film featuring a number of young Brussels residents currently making their own career choices. And, just like my grandfather, I wanted to use the Petit Sablon park as a place for doing some thinking, with the 48 bronze craftsmen looking over the shoulders of the young walkers and – who knows? – even whispering new thoughts and other ways of thinking to them.

I see the installation "The Models" as a sketch, an invitation to go for a walk around the Petit Sablon with your son, daughter, father, mother or friend and, together, to imagine 48 or more new silhouettes there.


With : Ziad, Ismaël, Samba, Abdoul, Artan, Yousra, Carmen, Amina & Liam (Jeugdhuizen D'Broej / Centrum West) & Salmane, Derya, Mohamed, Yasine, Sahra, Leila, Najma, Meral (Atheneum Emanuel Hiel)

Special thanks Rudy Raes, coördinator Centrum West en Juliette Robinet, leerkracht Atheneum Emanuel Hiel

With the support of VGC Kunsten, VGG Erfgoed, Kunstenaars in de Klas (VGC), KANAL-Pompidou, Centrum West (jeugdhuizen D’Broej)

Produced by Balthasar

Concept, camera en editing: Sarah Vanagt

Additional camera: Artur Castro Freire

Sound editing and mix: Philippe Ciompi

Colour correction: Pierre Choqueux

Postproduction supervision: Julien Sigalas

Editing studio: Stempel