Biennale de l'Image Possible (BIP), Liège, 20 August - 16 October 2016

29 Aug 2016

Le Manège de la Caserne Fonck hosts within its vast spaces (over 1500m2) an exhibition which explores the numerous links and ambiguities between visual absence and presence. The oscillations, the paradoxes and the tensions between the visible and the invisible (understood literally and metaphorically), count amongst the fundamental preoccupations of every art, in particular the mechanical and digital arts. These essential questions (What is the visible hiding from us? What are the invisible, the concealed and the indeterminate the witnesses and traces of?) are here reread by five artists, all of whom have been investigating these problematics for a long time. The exhibition showcases five ‘mini individual exhibitions’, framed by two ‘punctuations’ (a spellbinding video by Jan van Ijken (NL) and an installation by the Canadian Michael Snow), around a representative panel of the work of each of these artists. Articulated around each other, ‘these mini-solos’ variously formulate the ways in which the visible is steeped in its inverse and in which the invisible proves as sensitive as its opposite.

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