"Showfish" at Nuts & Bolts exhibition, IFFR Rotterdam

19 Jan 2017

Nuts & Bolts

Thur 26 Jan to Sat 4 Feb, from 11h00 to 20h00, with a live event daily at 17h00.

Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 77 in Rotterdam. Admission free.

The Nuts & Bolts programme investigates the ways images and media art are presented across the spectrum: from analogue to hightech. This Nuts & Bolts exhibition investigates the relationship between man and the moving image through an extensive collection of artworks and machines. Both historical and contemporary. This encompasses the whole spectrum of audio-visual art: works of art, installations, projectors, shadow play, wooden cameras and window drawing. With the works shown, a range of artists enter into a dialogue with the history of the media and technology, probing not only how we experience images, but also how the context around the image influences both our mental and physical experience of this. The programme contains works by the likes of Peter Kubelka, The Quay Brothers, Wim Janssenand Dušica Dražić, Guy Maddin and Mika Taanila.

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